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What students are saying...

It seems we never give ourselves permission to slow down in order to personally learn and grow.  Deanna truly invites you into her home and gives you the space to think, reflect, laugh and possibly shed a tear.  It is a creatively wonderful journey made possible through Deanna’s instruction and open heart. — Maureen Wolf

Deanna is amazing. You feel included and enveloped by an old friend the  minute you meet her. She makes you feel so welcomed. Her class is inspiring, creative and eye opening. It is a time for self growth and a chance to be still to collect your thoughts about what’s really important in your life and what is truly in your heart. It’s a personal journey amidst the company of friends. Through this class, Deanna teaches us to be present and to live joyfully just by being your authentic self.— Carol Taaffe

Homecoming: a Journey to Authenticity

Is Homecoming: A Journey to Authenticity right for you?

Homecoming: A Journey to Authenticity is a

course designed to guide you toward honoring and

nurturing your authentic, original wholeness.
Through the exploration of practices such as
self-compassion, authenticity, gratitude, resiliency,
inner stillness, creativity and play, you will step your
way closer to finding your deep river within,
and to living your wholehearted life. You will unearth 

the practices and habits that best nurture and support

your inner growth and thriving.

The course is a sensory experience incorporating
inspiring videos and music, art journaling, guided

mindfulness practices and yoga.  Throughout the

course, you will be reminded that you are not alone

on this journey, and that we have much more in

common than not with our fellow travelers. The

course teachings form a bedrock of grounded

practices from which to grow, to nourish, to practice

self-love, and provides space to "just be.” 

What Homecoming: A Journey to Authenticity looks like:

  • Gathering around a large oak dining table, the class is warm and welcoming, inclusive and supportive. The intention is to feel affirmed in meeting other like-minded souls; it can also be inspiring and connecting to take the class with a close friend, colleague, or family member.

  • No art experience is required; although,  we will dip our toes into creative processes designed to expand your vision as well as your heart.

  • A thoughtfully designed, professional instructional binder, high-quality journal, and all supplies are provided to guide you on your exploration toward living your whole-hearted life.  

  • The six session class is intentionally spread out over eight weeks to give participants plenty of time to assimilate and incorporate the teachings.

  • Freshly baked cookies and herbal teas are always provided. 


Winter 2020 Class Dates coming soon

Class Fee:  $140 (which includes a $20 materials/registration fee)

Registration: Contact Deanna Nihill with questions or to register. A $20 registration fee,  payable by check, Venmo or Apple Pay will reserve your spot in the next session.