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Practicing Calm, Flexibility, Strength & Balance

In Come As You Are Yoga, you will be encouraged to listen to your body, to notice your breath and to practice with self-compassion.  You will learn the basics of yoga, a combination of physical poses (Asana), deep breathing (Pranayama), and an opportunity for stillness and quiet. No matter what your body type, age, level of flexibility or strength, this class will help you understand yoga, feel comfortable on your mat and in your body, and release stress. At the beginning of each class, we focus on mindfulness, breath instruction and a theme supported by a quote or poem, and at the end of each class there will be an opportunity for deep relaxation. My style of yoga teaching is focused both on emerging yoga students as well as those who have a previous yoga background. For those needing extra stability for balance, I offer suggestions for modifications including using a chair and yoga blocks.  For information on class times, class location and livestream links if you choose to practice on-line, click on Weekly Yoga under the yoga tab above.

What students are saying...

I thought yoga was just stretching and meditation; but I find it helps me be mindful, a little stronger, a little more flexible in mind and body and perhaps a bit more peaceful from time to time too!    –Joanne S., beginning student

What I’ve liked about your style, is how you’ve made yoga accessible to any, and all.  The way you’ve broken down the poses, and given modifications, and prop examples, makes it really doable.   Truly more people would try yoga I believe, if they’d been given the chance to take class with you.  The slower pace is perfect for grounding, perfecting posture, and really getting into a meditative state.  I appreciate you giving thought to the focus of the week too.  

                                                                                                                         –Lani C., experienced student

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