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Awakened and Inspired

I love this time of year…I love beginnings and all the newness and inspiration and hope that a new year brings. Some of the feelings and qualities that our yoga practice inspires are balance, stillness, connection, acceptance, softness, gratitude, reflection and vision. I have plans for the coming year to teach yoga in a way that will inspire you and guide you toward coming home to these qualities in yourself. The calm, still, soft waters are inside all of us waiting to be visited and nourished.

As the Ayurveda seasons shift from the dry winds of the Vata dosha toward the damp, heaviness of the

dosha in mid-January, we will focus on alignment, inspiration and awakening in our yoga practice together. We will activate our innate power center of the third chakra located in the solar plexus area of our mid-section. The third chakra is home to our energy center, our will, our authenticity and the poems, poses and themes in January and February will be focused on awakening and aligning with our innate and authentic power. If you haven’t yet tried the on-line yoga studio, or if you tried earlier, please consider coming on by to see if you can make this platform work until we can be together again soon. You will find a warm and welcoming experience, lots of suggestions for support and you will leave class a little closer to home.

I will look forward to seeing you in class soon,



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