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In class, we've begun to learn about the 2nd chakra, svadhisthana chakra or also called the sacral chakra. The second chakra or svadhisthana chakra literally translates to sweetness or ease, it's located in your lower abdomen and pelvic bowl. The sacral chakra is all about desire, creativity, sexuality, and creation, you can visualize it as the color orange and if there's one thing to remember about the second chakra it's the word "Change". We are moving from the element of the earth, groundedness and stability in the root chakra up to the sacral chakra which is all about fluidity and movement. The first chakra was about grounding down and creating structure, now the second chakra is all about letting go, creating and being in the flow. My roots allow me to rise. The grounding practices of yoga, slowing down, bringing stillness and presence allow us to access our feelings, creativity and also allow us to flow with and accept the changes that are part of life.

"Do not forget that you are the dance, that it is from each undeniably unique movement which your dancer is born. You are the breath between the beat, the natural rhythm that no one else needs to hear. You spin in silence and sway in stillness. Do not forget that you do this for yourself; you do it because it feels good. Move for the sake of motion. Celebrate the change that comes with each movement, the consciousness that comes with each change. Do not forget it is your breath that fills your body, your lungs that draw in life. And although some days you might forget, remember that you are all that you need; a wellspring of possibility, a universe in a seed."


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