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Why I Teach Yoga 

At a recent yoga training, I engaged in some self-reflection on why I chose to become a yoga teacher. I was brought back to a distinct memory of being a 38-year-old mother of 3 young children, lying on a wood floor in Savasana, covered by a warm blanket with an eye pillow blocking out the light. As the teacher read a poem, I felt my body soften, I felt the warm tears roll down my that moment, I felt okay, I felt from deep inside that everything would be okay. This was not a feeling I was used to feeling; I spent most of my life hustling for worthiness by trying to do everything perfect in all my jobs as a mother, wife, daughter, friend, teacher….as a woman. As you might imagine, I wanted more of that feeling….so, I kept showing up, once, twice, eventually three times each week.

I was initially drawn to yoga for the physical rewards...I wanted a “yoga body.” The physical benefits of yoga are undeniable, you will gain strength and range of motion, improve your balance, and learn to use your body better which all improve quality of life. But, over the years, I have come to know the far greater gifts one receives from a consistent yoga you won't notice on the outside but you will feel on the inside. Yoga offers practice in being able to pay attention to life as it unfolds moment to moment, in the ability to calm and regulate your nervous system when you're anxious and last but perhaps most important, yoga guides you to listen to the compassionate inner voice, the voice that says over and over, “you are okay, everything is okay… All will be Well.”

I will keep teaching yoga because I want all of this for you too.

With a deep inner knowing that we are all more than okay,



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