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Progress...Not Perfection

It’s not all that long ago that I learned the importance of self-compassion as well as the 3 elements that make up self-compassion:

Self-Kindness: Softening toward ourselves when we’re struggling and suffering

Common Humanity: Remembering you are not alone, it’s the same for everyone

Mindfulness: Noticing without judgement your thoughts and feelings

In each class, we practice softening our bodies, softening our shoulders, softening our hearts toward ourself and others. We practice becoming still so that we can notice our body, our breath and our thoughts.

When we notice our minds have wandered or we’re experiencing harsh judgments or thoughts, with mindfulness, we come back to our breath and come back to our bodies…it’s the same for everyone.

Together, we practice Santosha, finding contentment for what we do have…for this body, this breath, this life, this moment. Instead of always looking outside ourselves “over the fence” for happiness, we find contentment in our calm, centered hearts. We learn that there is no place to get to, no endpoint, no place of perfection…..just progress one step at a time, one breath at a time, one day at a time.


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