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Self-Compassion....Open Heart

I’ve been using the theme of the Chakra system to plan yoga classes this year; every couple of months we move on and up to the next Chakra. The Heart Chakra is the energy center for love (of self and others), compassion (of self and others), balance and the ability to both give and receive with our hearts wide open. The heart chakra is located in the heart center and is the middle of the 7 Chakra’s with the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus below and the last three Chakra’s above. In class, I will be introducing heart-opening and shoulder-opening poses to blend with the rooted standing poses, hip opening and core-strengthening poses we have already learned. As always, the poses, Asana, that we practice on our mats in class are designed to give us the muscle-memory and practice to take the learning off the mat into our lives.

The Heart Chakra “practices” of Self-acceptance, Self-compassion and Self-love are among the most healing, nurturing and profound practices in my tool box of Self-care.

Practicing Yoga Asana in class, breath work or Pranayama, Meditation, Journaling, Grief-work and Forgiveness are the cornerstones of living my best life. Just like any other skill I want to get really good at, to become second nature, these skills are practiced often if not daily. Living in the realm of the Heart Chakra, reminds me to touch into my own softness and self-kindness so that I may open my heart and share my empathy and my purpose with the world. Come to class and learn alongside me how to balance the energy in your body, in your heart all toward living your best life.




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