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Yamas: They Are the Change

We have completed our 5 week study of the five Yamas which are one spoke of the eight spoke wheel that is Yoga as we know it. Studying and living the lessons of the Yamas reduces fear, builds trust and brings change. The five Niyamas are what sustain this change. We will begin this week with the first of the five Niyamas but to recap what we've learned thus far very briefly:

Ahimsa is kindness or nonviolence

-let go of fear and judgement


-Allow kindness and pleasure to come

Satya is truthfulness

-Being in alignment

-Slow down and take time

-Live your truth

-"All the oakness is carried within every acorn."

Asteya is nonstealing

-Time to rest

-stealing by not being present with yourself or others

-Live below your means....think of 7 generations ahead

Brahmacharya is moderation

-Recognize "just enough"

-Find the sacred in the ordinary

-Maintain balance and boundaries to preserve your life energy

Aparigraha is non-attachment or generosity

-It is the nature of things to change

-Detach from expectations and judgements

-Trusting and letting go brings with it freedom and expansion


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